There’s oils and there’s Essential Oils…make mine dōTERRA!

I love essential oils – the fragrance and feel of them on my skin and the way the scent uplifts and refreshes an environment; the huge number of common ailments and serious conditions that are relieved and resolved by using them therapeutically.  I became so interested in their positive application, I trained and studied Aromatherapy and graduated with a Diploma in 1992. I have been using essential oils therapeutically on my family and in my  private healing practise since then.

In the last few years I decided I only wanted to use organic essential oils and began the search for the highest quality essential oils available. I found them! I have now been using dōTERRA Certified Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils since last April and they are the most amazing essential oils I have ever used. Consequently I became a consultant with the company and now have a small team of friends who have become consultants too.

We joined because we love the products and want to buy then wholesale. We have also found that we can earn some income as  we spread the word of the effectiveness of using the essential oils, vitamins and other dōTERRA products in our daily lives. We can obtain products for free. We are using the essential oils, vitamins and skin care products in our own lives and are sharing the difference they make with others. Some of the oils can be taken internally and will be marked as supplements on the bottle. These are the only oils I have used that can be taken internally.

One of the applications I love is putting a couple of drops of the Citrus Blend in my water every day. The wild orange, mandarin,  lemon blend tastes like velvet – if you can image that – and is calming, refreshing, an anti-depressant, good for stress and relieves tension.

As a consultant all of us receive a dōTERRA website like mine –

Here you can purchase products or sign up as a consultant and become your own family physician using these amazing, effective,
natural remedies.

Here are some recipes for you and your family to try . . .

Family Flu capsules

Into a Gel Capsule (from Chemist)
Place 5 drops of Oregano
5 drops of On Guard
2 drops of Frankincense

Take every 4-6 hours until symptoms disappear
Diffuse On Guard to Prevent spread of Virus.
Remember On Guard Kills MRSA (Hospital Super Bugs)

Sharon’s Magical Arthritis Remedy

Into a bottle of dōTERRA Coconut oil add
10 drops Lavender
10 drops Marjoram
10 drops Black Pepper
10 drops Ginger

Apply daily

Soothing compress for sore eyes

Boil water and let cool
Add several drops of dōTERRA clary sage
Place clean cotton pads into solution
Lay down
Cover eyes with soaked cotton pads

Keep feet elevated for 10 mins
Feel the difference
Clary Sage is soothing, anti-inflammatory, calming, relaxing and uplifting

Special thanks to Marlena, Catherine and Sharon . . . 🙂

Chat with you again next time . . . until then . . .

love and peace,


SYDNEY Threshold Choir finds its Musical Director at last . . .

The story began in December 2008 when I returned from teaching Sound Therapy with crystal bowls in the USA with a desire to begin a Threshold Choir in Sydney. Several of my students were members of Threshold Choirs in the USA and I had fallen in love with the concept of being in service to others with this heart-centred, gentle way of singing. Meeting Colleen Kennedy was the beginning of our joint stewardship of this dream and together we gathered women of like mind and held the very first Threshold Choir in Balmain. We had no musical director only a passion to bring the healing sounds of our voices to those experiencing the last great transit.

Over the last two years we have had members come and go but always the passion and energy remained strong no matter how many active members there were. It seemed as if we were holding the energy until a Musical Director found us.

This happened a short while ago. Patricia Watts and Sophie Martin, Sydney’s two Voice Movement Therapists came together at Beyond the Ordinary Tea House and Healing Centre when Colleen owner and Manager of the Tea House proposed that they join forces with the Choir to take us to the next level of expertise.

Trish and Sophie were immediately inspired and Trish was able to take on the commitment as Musical Director for the SYDNEY Threshold Choir in Australia in June 2011. Trish says, “Creating a safe healing space through singing where love abides is to me, a touch of heaven. I had the privilege of singing at the bedside of my Mum when she was in her last stages of life and the comfort it gave her, me and those around was natural and profound. It was tangible love. Tangible because it transformed the fear of the unknown into a sense of sacred presence that could be felt”

Singing expresses the heart like nothing else can, releasing stress and anxiety, creating space for love, courage, strength, deep compassion and humility to reside.

Trish’s background is as a singer, songwriter and community singing teacher. “I’ve always sung in choirs, the most recent being ‘Café of the Gate of Salvation’ Gospel choir, and have directed a multi cultural choir ‘Colla Voce’ for over decade. My love is spirited, soulful world music, sung a cappella style (unaccompanied). I’m a registered Voice Movement Therapy practitioner, and am passionate about releasing the natural voice and allowing its full freedom!”

“I’m thrilled to be able to assist this beautiful organic choir, as it continues to takes shape, Trish said. To bring women together who want to focus on offering beauty, comfort and healing through song, is a unique gift to the community.  Our hope is that it will grow and attract those who catch this vision.”

Tenacity is the Choir’s middle name and upheld Susie and Colleen’s belief that the Sydney Threshold Choir would eventually fulfil its destiny and provides a beautiful love filled service to those struggling to live or struggling to die.

Coming together weekly to sing lullabies, hymns, ballads, chants and gospels together has been revelationary for the Choir members.  Many of us did not realise that we would gain so much personal comfort and nurturing from singing together. While our focus is on serving others, we have learned that singing together also gives us joy and deep healing creating a sense of community, of communion with each other. The Choir does not require auditions. We sing from the heart and are fortunate now to have the experience of a Voice Movement specialist and Choir Leader to train us in the art of choral singing.

Recently the Inner West Courier newspaper wrote a story on us. Click below to have a read . . .   

The Joy of Collaboration

I love collaborating with others. Whether we are working on a joint project or I am assisting someone else with theirs, the whole idea of developing something special together fills me with delight. I have some amazing ongoing collaborations I’d like to share with you over time.

One that occurred early last year was with Esoteric Spiritual Philosophy teacher, William Meader. I have been studying the Arcane Wisdom with William since 2008 and in each of the workshops I accompany William’s meditations with my orchestra of crystal singing bowls.

William asked me to join him in the recording studio to play the Crystal and Alchemy bowls while he recorded two inspiring meditations. The first is called “The Presence” and the second “The Fusion of Love and Will”.

I played Rose Quartz, Sunstone, Carnelian and Ruby Alchemy Crystal Bowls and frosted, ultra-light and clear Quartz Crystal Bowls. The resonance of these bowls lends itself beautifully to the quiet, the ambient and the meditative. It was a heavenly combination.

Playing intuitively is a freeing experience. Improvisation is an art form and I have found it can become effortless if you and your collaborator practise joining energetically at the heart. William and I have been working together in this way over a two year period and I believe it works for both of us because we move into the quiet, the pauses that exist between the sound and the breath where we can “read” what will be played or said next. It is a beautiful experience to trust in this energetic flow . . .

The vibrational frequencies of the quartz crystal bowls amplify and magnify our connection as the sound resonance facilitates the harmonizing of the heart and the mind, the physical with the spiritual. The sound induces altered states of consciousness where the effortless action can more easily take place.

Sound contributes profoundly to our state of consciousness. The difference between the random sounds of everyday and sacred sound focused to uplift and transform is that sacred sound produces harmony rather than dissonance. The more beneficial
sounds we hear and feel, the greater the effect upon our energies. Bringing the body and subtle energy field into a state of relaxation and balance is the key to facilitating deep transformation and the combination of William’s sonorous speaking voice with the crystal bowls creates its own kind of magic. One that is infinitely soothing guiding the listener into a deeper level of meditation.

A further collaboration has occurred between the artist who created the cover of William’s CD/DVD, Patricia Ballentine and me.

Patricia is a Visionary and Esoteric artist and she has created a YouTube of the amazing artwork she created for “The Presence”  with accompanying music from my 2nd CD, “Opening the heart to JOY”.

To see the artwork and listen to the music click on:

To see more of Patricia’s artwork click on:

If you would like to read about William’s work and purchase The Presence CD/DVD, visit William’s website and request a copy:

If you would like to listen to a sample of my 3 CDs and purchase a copy click on: 

A note to the listener: find the volume that is right for you when listening to crystal bowl music. There is a variation of speaker quality when listening to ambient music through the internet. Personally I feel the music sounds most harmonious when turned onto low.

Until next time,

love and peace


Intention is everything…

My love and passion for Vibrational Medicine began in 1970 when I obtained  my first qualification in Complementary Therapies and worked as a Massage Therapist. Over the years I added other healing modalities and worked in osteopathic and naturopathic clinics to help me through university. After obtaining a degree in English Literature, I worked for 12 years managing a training centre for unemployed and specially disadvantaged people and I added a postgraduate degree in Communication Management along the way. I developed a fascination and interest in working with the healing power of crystals in the early 1990s and I travelled to the island of Kauai, in the Hawaiian  Islands, to study Crystal Healing. After visiting the island many times to complete the different training levels, I graduated as a Crystal Healing Teacher in 1995. On one of my visits I was initiated into the beautiful vibration of Reiki Master. In a number of different ways I was being opened to higher frequencies and vibrations. I was taking more responsibility for my spiritual evolution and listening to my spirit more and more. My guidance was to teach and share my passion and knowledge with others.

I have always felt a very strong heart connection to the Angelic Kingdom and it was while studying on Kauai that I had my first experience with celestial music. It was one of those magical moments when everything felt perfect. I was bathing in a hot wooden Jacuzzi with my crystal healing buddy, Maggie. Night had fallen and the stars were very bright even though light rain was falling.  We had crystals all around the Jacuzzi, candles in the four corners and I felt very light and centred as I relaxed and floated in the warm water. Everyone else had retired for the evening and we were able to completely merge ourselves with the elements and crystal energy. Unexpectedly I heard music and I remarked to Maggie that someone must have turned their radio on because I could hear these amazing sounds. Maggie said she couldn’t hear anything. It was then that we both realised I was hearing sounds from a different frequency. It sounded like a choir and the sounds though beautifully harmonious were different to anything else I had ever heard before. There they were a second time and I marvelled at the gift I had been given.

The year was 1997 and I had been teaching Crystal Healing and Reiki for a few years. I heard about the transforming qualities of quartz crystal in a form that was completely new to me. They were crystal bowls and looked like different size salad bowls ranging in size from 5.5″ in diameter to 24″ and they made the most amazing sound. They were played as musical instruments in a way similar to the Tibetan metal bowls and created a sound that was called the purest tone in the world.

The quartz crystal bowls are made from silica – a pure quartz sand. Produced primarily for the computer industry as a medium for growing silicon quartz chips, the bowls are formed by centrifugal action as the silica is dropped into a spinning mould to which an electric arc torch is applied and ignited at several thousand degrees centigrade. The bowls are digitally tuned to the diatonic music scale, namely C, D, E, F, G, A, B. Each note resonates in particular with one of the seven chakras or power centers connected with the body.

The human body and its subtle energy field like all things everywhere in the universe are in a continuous state of vibratory motion. By understanding that all matter is energy, it is easier to understand the effects of crystal on the human body and on the electromagnetic field which surrounds each person. As the pure tone of crystal resonates throughout the body a delicate internal massage of all the cells occurs. Many of our body systems are crystalline in nature – endocrine, blood, lymphatic, skeletal – and as the vibration from the crystal bowls create a sympathetic resonance at the cellular level, disharmony held within the body is transformed into a harmonious state – our natural state of being.

In 1998, I decided to listen to the voice inside my heart which had been telling me for some time to make my Energy Healing work the main focus in my life. My pathway led me to Italy where I combined a crystal bowl workshop in Sicily with teaching Crystal Healing in Sardinia, Sicily, Tuscany and Torino. What an amazing journey, so much to learn, such a lot to share. And so my work with the sounds of healing and the vibration of manifestation began . . .

I have always loved words and the silences between them. My understanding of the power of words and the way in which they are spoken increased in a deeply profound way when I became a Reiki Teacher and Reiki Master. I could feel myself merge with the Reiki student and the flow of energy from the Universal Source during the reiju/attunement. Saying the names of the symbols resonated differently to drawing them. When these two aspects of Light combined the powerful affect was palpable!

Understanding the power of thoughts and the spoken word has deepened with the development of the Crystal Sound Therapy professional training and study program. Affirmations are central to maintaining the transformation that occurs with the sound vibrations of the crystal bowls. My deeply felt wish is that the Affirmations on my website speak to your heart and to the dreams and wishes you hold close.

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